Why do you need InstagRISE?

InstagRISE is a powerful email and phone scraper tool designed for helping people (mostly email marketers) to scrape potential users’ emails and phone numbers easily on Instagram. Crawling emails and phone numbers is unlimited and safe, and you can run it as long as you can.

InstagRISE is also a small growth tool that can help you gain lots of followers on Instagram in a short period. If you have an account that you want to boost, then choosing InstagRISE can be your best choice ever.

Growth Hacking

By using its follow-unfollow function, you are able to hack the growth of your profile. You can set to follow or unfollow all, followers, and non-followers. You can also set to when to start the unfollow.

Target Niche

By searching target niche audience, your business is more likely to get their favor. With InstagRISE, you can use niche hashtags as a targeting method to get audience.


The price of InstagRISE is very reasonable compared to other tools in the market. Three plans are available to choose, and you can choose the best plan according to your budget.

High Speed

InstagRISE allows you to extract any public Instagram users’ contact information with a very high speed in real-time.

Simple Use

InstagRISE is VERY easy-to-use and newbie friendly. The UI of the tool is simple, and you can run it directly without installation.

Free Update

Once purchase, you can enjoy free updates for life. No more extra fees.

What can you do with InstagRISE?

You can clearly view the list of features of InstagRISE software, which will help you better understand the software, and make wise choices.

Extract user details info

InstagRISE can extract the details of any public user on Instagram. These details include:
  • UserName
  • Full name
  • Followers count
  • Followings count
  • If privacy
  • Website
  • Business address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number


The follow-unfollow method is the most common “hack” grow on Instagram. On InstagRISE, you can follow, unfollow, or follow-unfollow. You can set to follow/unfollow a list of users in your niche from a custom list, or the user you get in the “Search” tab. And you can choose to only follow/unfollow your followers, or non-followers. Follow-unfollow: you set to follow a user someday, and then automatically unfollow them a few days later.

HTTP/HTTPS proxy support

A proxy can protect the security of your account. When using a proxy, Instagram no longer sees your IP address but the IP address of the proxy, giving you the ability to do all the scraping from one server. This feature is especially important for executing multiple Instagram accounts.

Load Multi-accounts

With the multiple accounts function, you can load multiple Instagram accounts on InstagRISE. You can set up 1-2 accounts for username/hashtag scraping, and 3-5 accounts for scraping emails and phone numbers. If it detects that the account is defunct, then automatically mark the account as disabled, and choose another account in the list to continue.

Scrape user lists of users’ followers or following

With InstagRISE, you can scrape the user list of any public users’ Followers or Following on Instagram. You just need to choose the Follower or Following tab, then type a username in the search box on the right to search.

Scrape user list from trending hashtags

With InstagRISE, you can scrape the user list of any public users’ Followers or Following on Instagram. You just need to choose the Follower or Following tab, then type a username in the search box on the right to search.

Custom delay and limit setting

On InstagRISE, the value of the delay setting is a range. We recommend that you set it to a value of 60-90 seconds, which we have tested and found to be a relatively safe value for your Instagram account. If the data you are searching for is large, we recommend setting it larger. The limit function is mainly used to limit the maximum number of times the account can perform operations.

Auto-filter duplicate user

During scraping, InstagRISE automatically filters out duplicate usernames, this way you don’t get duplicate email and phone number data.


You can type one or more keywords to search. Or you can copy and paste multiple keywords to search. The format is: one line per keyword.

Software Preview

You can check the picture below to see what the software looks like.
Account Management
Account Management
Get Follower
Get Follower
Search Following
Search Following
Search by hashtag
Search by hashtag
Get Userinfo
Get Userinfo

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InstagRISE did not encounter any account banning issues during our testing, but we recommend that you use the virtual IG account for testing when you use the software for the first time to avoid any problems with the original IG account. thank you.
Important things you need to note before using InstagRISE for scraping:
  • One license can only be used on one device.
  • Recommend use a proxy if there are multiple IG profiles to execute scraping.
  • Recommended to set the limit and interval of account usage.
  • InstagRISE has been tested and proven to work well on the following systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and all windows systems of VPS/RDP.

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